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Our company is active in the wholesale sector and distributes exclusively in the Hellenic market the products of Editions Ricordi along with the puzzles of Ricordi Arte and also the puzzles of Castorland that has more than 30 years of presence in the market.

In our range you will find Rory’s StoryCubes®, a board game for young and old, fun, educational and pedagogical, that consists of many sets of cubes with endless combinations.

Furthermore, we distribute the puzzles (gravity puzzles) of Pantazis Houlis, Greek mathematician, former professor at the University of Western Australia (UWA, University of Western Australia) and now an external collaborator of the University of Crete for the Summer School (Fun Mathematics). Along with the gravity puzzles, you will also find the spherical Marusenko puzzles.

At the same time, we have been promoting in the Greek market from the beginning of their production, until today, the V-Cubes of the Greek Panagiotis Verdes, who extended the Rubic cube by adding more layers and increasing its level of difficulty.

In addition, our range also includes art reproductions from the companies:
Egim, Graphique De France, S.A.F., Quartero International and publishers in the USA such as Dina Art company, Northwest etc.

In our pages, you can find information regarding our products, along with our catalogues which are available for downloading.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information.

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