The history of the company began in 1972 printing posters with the image of Karagkiozis (a comic figure created during the turkish occupation) and then with the printing of children posters, anti-war posters, political and anti-dictatorship posters (due to the dictatorship that was ruling at the time) and art reproductions.

In the beginning, the company’s name was “Dolphin Posters” Zoi Xenaki & CO Ltd but since 1975, it changed to “Apollon Posters” Zoi Ν. Xenaki. The company changed its head quarters twice before moving at it’s current privately owned offices at G. Olympiou st in Koukaki.

In 2006, the management was passed on Andreas Adamis, Zoi’s son. Since then, with a full exhibition for our merchendise range, friendly service and clients all over the territory of Hellas that include book stores, toy stores, gift shops, decorating stores, our company continues its successful course.