A new puzzle by Marusenko. A 3D rotational and sequential spheric puzzle, Designed, Engineered and Manufactured with 100% European Quality.

Its 2,279,626,699,712,199,018,518,937,600,000 positions (around 2.3×1030) and all of its potencial color configuration led us to present the sphere in 5 different designs, offering different levels of creativity and complexity. We hope that this challenge will be to your liking.

During the assembling process, no glue nor any metallic element such as springs, screws or washers are used. Actually, all of its 54 pieces are built with high quality and 100 % recyclable plastic.

New, original, quiet and well defined movements, with the guarantee of a longwearing product. Surface of the Marusenko sphere has 24 triangles (arranged in 6 poles) and 8 stars (leaving a total of 32 moving pieces).